Setting up a subdomain on Polywork using GoDaddy

Let’s get to it.

Image with the Polywork logo, a plus sign and the GoDaddy logo

1. Go to your profile settings on Polywork

a screenshot of the settings options from Polywork when clicking on your profile image.

2. Follow the steps listed under “Setting up a custom domain for your profile”

Important: Instead of setting up your domain name, write the whole subdomain address, in my case

a screenshot from Polywork’s settings with a step-by-step guide on how to setup a domain

3. Go to your GoDaddy account, find your domain and head over to the Manage DNS section.

4. Remove any A record or CNAME that could block the new CNAME record that we are going to create.

In my case I’d have to delete the CNAME updates (my current subdomain), you will probably have a www CNAME that you should delete.

a screenshot from the DNS manager from GoDaddy listing all records available

5. Create a new CNAME with the following values:

  • Host: your subdomain name, in my case updates
  • Points to: your custom DNS target generated by Polywork on #2
  • TTL: Custom
  • Seconds: 600

✨Big thanks to @hola_soy_milk for pairing with me on this one!✨ he also creates great content so go check it out! 🤩



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