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  • Bruno Martins

    Bruno Martins

    Backend engineer @XING | Co-founder @Psyquê | Traveller | Bar hopper | Gamer | Writer?

  • New Work Spain

    New Work Spain

    We believe in a world of work where people can find their true self and achieve their full potential. It’s about to makes companies more successful! Join us!

  • Miguel Eedl

    Miguel Eedl

  • Daniel Ruiz

    Daniel Ruiz

    Data Scientist @ GFT. Love new technologies like AI, IoT and blockchain.

  • Arne Kittler

    Arne Kittler

    VP Product Management at XING. Curator of Mind the Product Engage Hamburg.

  • Gabriel Pereira

    Gabriel Pereira

  • Paulo Fabiano Langer

    Paulo Fabiano Langer

    Software Engineer @ Jumpseller

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